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Best anti-ageing products (Part 2)

September 10th, 2009

7. Salmon, sardines, tuna
Salmon, sardines and tuna contain omega-3 fat acids, useful to cardiovascular system.
8. Apples
Apples contain a lot of antioxidants, which prevent development of such age diseases, as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Do not forget also, that the greatest quantity of useful substances contains in an apple peel.
9. Low-calorie dairy products and soya milk
Yoghurt and dairy products contain calcium and vitamin D, necessary for strong, healthy muscles and bone fabrics.
10. Avocado and olives
Avocados and olives contain monononsaturated fat acids.
11. Oils olive, walnuts and linen seeds
These vegetable oils help fat-soluble vitamins to get into your organism.
12. Green tea
Green tea contains antioxidants.
13. Seasonings and spices
Recent researches have shown that use of half of teaspoon of seasonings or the spices containing antioxidants, - ginger, and oregano, sage, and mint, a carnation, fragrant pepper, and cinnamon - can prevent development of very many chronic diseases.

Best anti-ageing products (Part 1)

September 1st, 2009

1. Tomatoes, a tomato sauce, ketchup, salsa
Lycopene - is the pigment, which is giving red color to tomatoes, reduces risk of the cardiovascular diseases occurrence, some kinds of a cancer, dystrophy of a yellow stain.
2. Carrots, a sweet potato, pumpkin
Daily eating of 200 grams of orange vegetables and fruits allows receiving necessary quantity of beta carotin, which turns subsequently to the vitamin A necessary for a healthy skin and eyes.
3. Bilberry, red grapes
Anthocyan, which containing in these fruits, is absorbed by membranes of brain cells, and it promotes improvement of memory and informative ability.
4. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts
Special components of broccoli and Brussels sprouts are deducing toxins from organism.
5. An oats, barley, bean
Oats and barley soluble fibers reduce level of cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases occurrence.
6. Spinach and sheet cabbage
The use of spinach, cabbage and other sheet vegetables reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases occurrence on 11 %.

Sebastian: Cult Couture for Hair!

August 7th, 2009

In the heat of summer, in the beginning of July 2009 in capital the unique “hot” fashion-action devoted to a rebirth of cult brand SEBASTIAN Professional has taken place.
Famous and gifted expert in the field of Cult Couture for Hair has presented absolutely new products for hair: the advanced formula and stylish design make SEBASTIAN Professional unique.
Defile of world-known stylist Kjell Nordström became the main intrigue of the evening!!
Series FLOW, which has united light styling products, has helped the stylist to create refined-negligent hairdresses.
Line FLAUNT, which is giving flickering brightness to hair, has proved in smooth classical and graphic modern hairdresses.
Series FORM has been presented in impudent textural images with visible fixing.
And products of FOUNDATION line, intended for preparation to hair to a styling, have formed a basis for creation of reserved elegant images.

Peach for gentle skin

July 30th, 2009

Each woman wants to have gentle as a peach skin. However, not every woman knows how to make her skin beautiful and gentle as peach.  It is not a secret that these sweet, juicy fruit poeses surprising properties due to which it makes skin gentle and smooth.
Beauty experts prove that the fruit structure includes the whole complex of substances, which feeds skin, keeps its hydro balance in norm and prevents occurrence of wrinkles.
In order to achieve desirable effect it is necessary to eat peaches. Peaches not only normalise metabolism in organism and protect it from heart diseases, but also help to resist stressful and depressive conditions, and, besides, improve brain and memory activity.

5 habits of happy woman

June 10th, 2009

Indulge yourself
Why don’t you register in training which will help to advance your career or will allow to analyze your the latent interests? It can be simple also how to indulge itself a bouquet of fresh colors every week.

Work with your brain muscles

Neurobiologist Lawrence Katz from Duke University asserts that informative exercises which are called «neirobics» can make new brain communications active and struggle with intellectual effects of ageing. Make a habit to put on or take a shower in darkness, to smell various smells, to cook unusual food.

Practice fearlessness arbitrary acts
The fear is something that rises between you and your boldness. We are afraid of disasters, losing work. We are afraid, that our children will not love us. Practicing fearlessness arbitrary acts, you can reduce fear and become happier.

Find sports individuality
Try to find such kind of sport, which would bring you physical health and satisfaction.

Be in a harmony with negative emotions

Many women feel guilty for saying “no” instead “yes”. If you cannot overcome feeling of fault, try the next way. Allow your feeling of fault “to have a rest” and as though ask it: «Why are you here? how  can I be useful to you? Whether you can stop (on any quantity of time) then you can come into force again». Allow yourself to feel both negative and positive emotions. Supervision over the sensations instead of reaction to them will help you to calm down and be counterbalanced.

Best medicine for stress

June 6th, 2009

It is very important to lower the general level of stress for improvement of the general state of health  as results of numerous researches directly specify that people with constant high level of stress are exposed to risk to be ill more often, than those, whose stress level doesn’t exceed the norm.
American scientists consider that to depart from the monitor, to switch off the computer for a while and to go for walk is the best way to struggle with stress at the office (as the basic quantity of stressful situations arises at office).
Scientists prove that there are special products, which struggle with stress and should be included in the daily diet.
Scientists notice, that the plate of warm porridge will promote serotonin development, having calming effect, and porridge is rich with fat acids omega-3.
Following products will also help conquer stress:
* glass of warm skim milk in the evening
* oranges are rich with vitamin C, they strengthen immune system and reduce level of hormones of stress.

Dessert against wrinkles: Hollywood chooses antiage-sweets

May 28th, 2009

Hollywood stars are ready to search for new ways to look young and attractive. An edible antiage-class cosmetic has become very popular among Hollywood stars: exotic dessert for a long youth enjoys special popularity.
As it became known, sweets DeLuscious Vitamin Enhanced Cookies made by cosmetic giant BORBA are very popular in Hollywood. Unusual desserts represent a concentrate of every possible vitamins and minerals, and also berry extract of acai - natural secret of the beauty of Amazon.
Cosmetic yoghurts are having different tastes - from porridge with raisin to chocolate caramel. According to manufacturers these products effectively struggle with ageing signs, eliminating wrinkles. Many Hollywood stars - like Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Cox and Renee Zellweger - have already taken advantage of this tasty and healthy meal.

Office stress and your mood

May 20th, 2009

Too much stress at work can provoke heart attacks, headaches, depression and even sleeplessness.
1. Information
Feeling of feebleness can cover you with a head every second. There is only one way to struggle against stress- you should always remain in course of events. Try to learn about everything that occurs round you, among your colleagues, subordinates and boss. It will help you to relieve youself and collges of ignorance.

2. Have a rest
Office marathon not only eases work, but it also negatively affects your efficiency. Accustom to regular breaks within the working day. For example, for 5-10 minutes at the end of each working hour depart from the computer and have a cup of tea. You should also stop having dinner at the office!

3.  Nobody is ideal
We are not ideal so you are. And it is not an occasion for stress or self-abasement. Perfectionism is familiar to many people - and in many cases it is excellent motive power. so, try to be focused on doing your job well, instead of doing it ideally.

4. Say goodbye to office life after you leave it
Often we do not even realize that our private life so much depends on office marathon. And on the contrary, if your private life suffers from working stress at psychological, emotional or physical level, it will negatively affect work - after all we spend the most part of our life there. So, coming home, try to forget about office: do not speak about affairs, do not answer calls from colleagues concerning working questions, and do not take work at home. And you feel like you are tired, so, it is a high time for you to search for something new.

Cheese - as a source of fiber and vitamins

May 8th, 2009

Do you use cheese in food? If not, you deprive the organism of good source of fiber and vitamins.
Cheese is unusually rich in vitamins and fibers. It has a lot of vitamins A, B and amino acids without which the human body cannot manage. Besides, it also possesses tryptophan, methionine and lysine. Cheese also contains lot of calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Share of fiber in cheese makes about 22 %! For this reason it is quite possible to name this product a remarkable, universal source of fiber.
Cheese even contains fiber casein, which forms casomorphines- substances, on the properties reminding morphine, which is not containing all negative properties of this drug. And still cheese contains the fat acids, which are reducing risk of cancer development.
Knowing about all advantages of cheese, ancient Romans considered it as its not only remarkable means for digestion improvement, but also excellent antidote! And representatives of the Caucasian nationalities put strongly smelling cheese on a wedding table as, in their opinion, such cheese possessed sexual properties.
Having rejected ancient customs aside, it is possible to prove that this product not only useful, but it also does not cause allergic reaction as it is usually provoked by lactose.
For this reason cheese also is not allergen. It is enough to eat only 80 grammas of cheese a day in order to receive daily norm of calcium.

What vitamins do you need?

April 27th, 2009

Vitamin A. You have a lack of vitamin A, if:
* you often have skin  inflammations;
* your appetite has considerably decreased;
* sometimes you feel like your sight has become worse.
What to do: Include yellow-orange vegetables and fruits, jack mackerel, mackerel or other fish rich with fats, an egg yolk, a butter, milk into the diet.

Vitamin B. you have a lack of vitamin B, if:
* you often catch a cold;
* you sleep bad at night;
* your hair became dim;
* even the slightest pressure differences cause terrible headache.
What to do: to include more cereals, vegetables and nuts into the diet.

Vitamin C. you have a lack of vitamin C, if:

* you quickly get tired;
* even small scratches do not quickly repair;
* your gums bleed sometimes;
* you grow stout, though your diet remains the same.
What to do: the increase in quantity of citrus in a diet will not give desired result: the acid containing in a considerable quantity in this fruit, can cause allergic reaction. But you will fill shortage of vitamin C by cabbage and spinach, dogrose syrup and kiwi.  You should also try to struggle with your bad habits.

Vitamin D. you have a lack of vitamin D, if:
* you became irritable, feel muscular weakness;
* your dentist marks deterioration of your tooth enamel;
What to do: stay more on the sunlight.